WL//WH Track Of The Day: SHANGHAI BEACH “Did You Get Everything You Wanted?”

Track Of The Day  Shanghai Beach

SHANGHAI BEACH is the solo moniker of Brooklyn, NYC based musician Steven Salazar, a synthesizers and drum machines obsessed with a dark, intense and minimalistic electronic sound that tows the line between moody synth-pop and brooding darkwave flavoured by poetry about a dystopian future.

Following last summer 4-track “Contamination” EP, the band have just released today the brand new single, entitled “Did You Get Everything You Wanted?”, via London‘s imprint AnalogueTrash, in conjunction with the start of the North American Tour.

Hypnotic monotonous beats and persistent, chugging and ominous basslines, interspersed by sparse austere clanging claps, and shadowed by swathes of tragic, slightly humming, wavering synths inject a stark and clinical sense of coldness and bleakness into emotionless, anxious yet energetic deep vocals drowning in senseless sorrow and shame.

An esoteric song about the end. A dead man’s journal entry debunks the mysteries of death as he detachedly explains notions of physicality, choice and fate.

Check out SHANGHAI BEACH‘s coast-to-coast US tour with CHILD OF NIGHT starting this night in Chicago.

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