WL//WH Track Of The Day: SHADAZZ “LUllllaBY”

Track Of The Day Shadazz

Straight from a finally very interesting application from a few days ago… Ukrainian alternative dance band from Kyiv, Shadazz preview the first single “LUllllaBY” from their upcoming album, described as ‘grim and glitchy, in accordance with the subject matter’.

Judging from their previous work, the debut LP, “Angry & Sad”, dates back to 2017, borrowing elements from dubstep, breakbeat, glitch and above all trip-hop, the new single represents an introspective, heartfelt and emotional exploration, through a new approach in sound design, where the electronic elements take the upper hand over the alternative guitar ones, in a fluttering array of sleek, lurching beats, wandering moody intense textures, mesmeric guitar reverberations, and powerful vocalizations, at the same time melodic and atmospheric, menacing and soothing, as it is sour and sweet, taking the listener onto a mesmerizing and unsettled downtempo descent to secretive merciless home behaviours swept in lies manipulation, and mind control.

Ominously hypnotic wavering droning low ends, stabbed by alarming echoing female wails, woven with smoothly pulsing, crackling, at times skipping, rhythmic patterns, menacingly deep enveloping gritty textures and layers of restrained guitar effects, to conjure up hallucinogenic lingering states of unease, that quiver beneath detached, seemingly carefree, distorted female vocals, hiding in latent anger, amid the uncertain chaos of domestic violence.
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