WL//WH Track Of The Day: SEXUAL PURITY “Convulsion”

Track Of The Day Sexual Purity

Born in 2020, engraved by the period of grim isolation, held by many on the same sonic frequencies as Boy Harsher, Ukrainian synth-laden coldwave duo, based in Dnipro, comprised of Oleksii Donets (Music) and Anastasia Romanova (Vocal and Lyrics) return, just a couple of months after their thought-provoking debut album, with a new 4-track EP, “Paranoia”, imbued with their minimal and visceral concoction of hypnotic crashing percussive patterns, ominous bass tone vibrations, and frigid melodic synths to elicit obscure and cathartic dances, haunted by the sensual, distressed and emotionally bewitching atmospheric vocalizations, betwixt slithering tension and edgy wistfulness, floating in unwholesome descent into the afflictive and devastating boundaries of psychological struggles.

The EP opener “Convulsion” features poetic lyrics that depict a possession of the psyche into madness.

Incessantly, rumbling sinister bassline, and hammering, slashing rhythms, smeared by dismal shiny synth dirge, pulse and roam desolately, amidst helpless resignation and stifling sorrow, adrift into the indissoluble restlessness of oppressive emotional tides enshrouded in the unfathomable ruthless darkness of a desperate cold female vocal hovering precariously between deep breaths and whispering echoes, to draw anxiety and dread from the numb obsessive wanderings of the mind.

Although at times slightly monochromatic and predictable, albeit deft in instilling indwelling vibrant shades of gloom perceived in every bit, the stark and propulsive synthetic instrumentation and the outstanding fiery feral intensity of Anastasia Romanova‘s voice, peppered by intriguing narratives, will chill your skin and take your breath away.

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