WL//WH Track Of The Day : SECRETISMO “Eco”


Bogotà post-punk four-piece Sombras was the first band from Columbia to be featured on this site at the end of 2017. Others soon followed in the current year, Postmodernism Forms, Azar Paralelo, Antiflvx, and several more have popped up from the underground like xxxxxx xxxxxx, Metadona, Cimientos Fecundos, Das Kelzer, Human 80, Ofelia Ortodoxa just to name a few, constantly on our playlists and deserving to be highlighted.

Right from Sombras and half of S ∆ D K Ó, come singer, songwriter, musician and Tres Incendios Temporales label co-founder Alejandra Anastasia with her new solo project Secretismoinfluenced by coldwave, synthpop and electroclash“. 
“Eco” is the first preview from her debut EP due out next year via Tres Incendios Temporales. A song about beauty, desire, and deception, combines dark rumbling basslines with austere and ominous synth and echoing taut clanging rhythms to create tension and foreboding encompassed by bewildered and passionate vocals, dramatized by soaring tragic, sinister synth vibes, downed in ineluctable, crippling emotional pain of shame, longing, and despair.

A synth-driven melding of forlon and sombre moods makes for a promising debut.