WL//WH Track Of The Day: SECRET ATTRACTION “All Night”

Track Of The Day Secret Attraction

I confess, I’m not an expert of chillwave, synthwave and all the correlated glo-fi, vaporwave and hypnagogic pop, but my endless curiosity, like I had with witch house a while ago, brought me to listen to it with satisfaction lately. I don’t mind about categories and genres, it’s just instinct, and possibly taste, that drives me to like music or not, years ago I was into deep minimal electronic (Maurizio), Detroit techno (Carl Craig) and drum & bass (LTJ Bukem, Marcus Intalex), some jazzy house stuff (St. Germain), even soul (D’Angelo), and more recently I enjoyed some early Washed Out and Neon Indian records, so it’s natural for me the approach to smooth, dream-like electronic sounds.

Secret Attraction is the project of artist Derek Wise based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with a couple of brilliant LP’s and some EP’s since 2013 under his belt, who is going to release his new full-length album entitled “Blush” on March 15, cassette/digital, via Californian imprint Stratford Ct., with a catalogue worthty to explore.

The atmospheric, dense and intense lo-fi chillwave / synthwave sound on the brink of dream pop, is characterized by huge use of synthesizers, keyboards and electronic effects, combined with emotive vocals and infectious melodies, to depict sonically immersive and emotionally drenching, cloudy, sensual and melancholic soundscapes of staggering depth and beauty.

What that blew me away at first listen from the first single “All Night” is the syncopated knocking, crisp and cold, ‘motorik’ Prince-like drum machine beats that instil an eerie, restless and groovy feel, underpinned by a deep melodic pulsating bass, to the hazy blanket of rarefied, trance-inducing wistful synth swells that soar and whine blissfully around the simultaneously rich and soulful, sensual and androgynous romantic croon imbued with confusion, desire and distrust.

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