WL//WH Track Of The Day : SEACRYPT “Threshold”

Finally back from a 4 year hiatus, their last “Seekers” EP via Makina Girgir’s Falco Invernale Records was in 2014Oakland, California based trio Seacrypt definitely does not lack synths in their experimental sound. 
Michael Buchanan (synth, guitar, rhythm), Chelsea Friedman (synth, voice, bell) and Paul Sutfin (synth, voice, flute, horn), have just released a brand new 2-track single, “Threshold/Watcher”.
A real synthetic heaven on earth for those who remember their immaculate synth work since their debut cassette album “A Momentary Rift”, back in 2012, via their own Katabatik imprint
In the meantime Michael Buchanan, half of 90’s psychedelic ritual noise group Nommo Ogo, has worked intensively through his electronic solo moniker IdentityTheft, with his last album “Reconnaissance” on Treue Um Treue ‎at the end of 2017.
The rhythmic and robotic “Threshold” embraces their synthpop inclinations, infused with electro undertones, through their usual bold sense of experimentation, always pushing their sound into inventive and infectious territories.
This song is about some one who is alone, insecure, and has alienated everyone around them by waiting to be told what to do, never even listening and never making any decisions for fear of making the wrong one. This is perfectly expressed by the idiosyncratic, taunting, irritated male lead vocals that blend immediately the harmonies with the scared, rebellious female ones. Underpinned by repetitive motorik beats and off-balance basslines, cold and dramatic swells of synths create a subtly dark, eerie and tension-filled soundscape conveying an anxious sense of lonliness and uncertainty building to the dramatic conclusion of no one knowing that the decision to cross the ‘threshold’ has been made.
In the meantime the band have dropped the visual for the shadowy, atmospheric and immersive “Watcher”. Enjoy!

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