WL//WH Track Of The Day : SCHRÖTTERSBURG “Melancholia”

Track Of The Day Schröttersburg 

Poland, like many others Eastern European countries, has a strong post-punk tradition since the early 80’s, unfortunately mostly unknown in the West at the time, the only Polish vinyl I was able to find, years later, was Warsaw’s Brygada Kryzys debut just because had strangely a UK press in 1982 on Fresh Records.

Known as “zimna fala”, ‘cold wave’ in English, born out of punk with a strong anti-establishment connotation and a unique sonic identity, was a fervent period that defined the Polish dark sound and culture since then, of which its main anthem was The Killing Joke-influenced Siekiera‘s Nowa Alexandriarecently covered by the Frenchmen Varsovie and the Brazilians Escarlatina Obsessiva.

One of the finest and fierce contemporary Polish post-punk bands, is the 3-piece from Plock, called Schröttersburg, the German name of their native city during the II World War Nazi occupation, fresh from the release of their third album titled “Melancholia” via Batcave Productions (CD) and Bandcamp,

Eight blasts of dense and visceral coldwave/post-punk, weaving between moments of tension and angst to others of deep sadness and anguish, one of the latter is the title track “Melancholia”, the mesmerizing pulsating bass lays the foundation under repetitive beats and terse, searing and shimmering guitar lines, punctuated by dour echoing vocals building a strongly emotional, dark and evocative atmosphere of decadence, alienation and gloom.

Sublime bleak yet passionate guitar-driven cold post-punk at its best, don’t miss out!

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