WL//WH Track Of The Day: SCHONWALD “Inner Sin”

Track Of The Day  Schonwald

Stylish Italian, atmospheric yet noisy, darkscape purveyors Luca Bandini and Alessandra Gismondi return, after a long hiatus, since their 2017‘s and best album to date “Night Idyll”, under their main Schonwald moniker founded in 2009, temporarily set aside to dedicate themself to their electro-driven side project Shad Shadows.

New single “Inner Sin” descents into the dark depths of their heady blend of goth-tinged post-punk, darkwave sound with strains of shoegaze noise. Introduced by solemn, grave organ sounding chords, unremitting tight rhythms gallop along with penetrating and mournful, off-kilter riffs of reverb-soaked 6-string subdued distortion, peppered by seething deep bassline, like a drowning, obscure and cold wind bringing out hidden seeds of depression and pain through regretful memories, engulfed in sorrowfully detached vocals, burdened by a numbed existence of pretentious darkness.

Hypnotic, compelling, and seductive, the years go by, as always, the Italian pair does not disappoint.

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