WL//WH Track Of The Day: SCHELPER “The Grey Skin In Your Eyes”

Track Of The Day  SCHELPER  

From the ongoing heap of releases from Southeast Asia that tackle Indie Pop-Rock, Post-punk, Noise Rock and Shoegaze and around sonic tropes with freshness and eagerness, one the most recent intriguing outcomes is the debut 2-track single, “Waltz”, from Surakarta, Indonesia-based shoegaze unit Schelper, via fellow Hardcore Punk independent label Outta Sight Records / Irama Records.

As their German-inspired name suggests the four-piece “wander aimlessly” into ’90s-tinged distorted, reverberated, hazy Shoegaze realms, at times corroborated by Alternative / Noise Rock abrasion, as in the case of the fuzz-laden title track, wafting through both thick and rarefied dreamlike whirls draped in a timeless space.

“The Grey Skin In Your Eyes” blurs lights and shadows, emotive heaviness and dreamlike introspection, layered with shimmering guitar melodies, underpinned by strong bass foundations and steady mid-tempo drumming, to draw reverberating loops of subtle contemplative angst, stretching and swirling in and out around sad dreamy vocals, releasing poignant pain and distant angsty cries into hypnotic waves of hallucinated catharsis.

Certainly one of the most intriguing debuts of recent times in the Shoegaze camp.

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