WL//WH Track Of The Day : SCHEDULE IV “Stray”

Track Of The Day

Hailing from “motor techno city” Detroit and from a label ‘formerly specializing in house and techno’, the goth-tinged and industrial coated dark post-punk sound of 5-piece Schedule IV, embue their hometown’s urban, industrial, futuristic essence between decadence and reconstruction, recovery and resilience.

The first preview, “Stray”, marries hypnotic, pulsating bassline and pounding drums with artfully lacerating layers of sharp guitars and icy, airy ominous synth washes, igniting a gloomy and tense soundscape that simultaneously brims with sorrow and anguish while bristling with energy and urgency. Angry and plaintive vocals, betrayed and exasperated, over an out of control relationship near the breaking point, ultimately decide it’s time to quit in a cry of grudgy melancholy and despair.

A convincing introduction to the band.

Schedule IV new EP “In Treatment” will be out tomorrow, CD and digital, via the Detroit based LABEL imprint, founded by band’s member and graphic designer Joshua McAllister.

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