WL//WH Track Of The Day: SCARY BLACK “Starlightdancer”

Track Of The Day Scary Black

Since we featured the wicked “Root of Self Hate” last Spring, the quality of the releases by LouisvilleKentucky based one-man-band  Scary Black seem to know no setbacks.

It’s the case also for the brand new single “Starlightdancer”, where to his signature haunting and shadowy, gothic-horror-infused darkwave/post-punk sound, he adds a subtle and alluring danceable ‘disco’ twist. 

Unremitting hypnotic throbbing bass loop along with repetitive frosty snare thwacks are pierced by chilling, searing guitar leads that bleeding and chiming atop injecting a profound feeling of pain and alienation as deep, slightly hoarse, charismatic vocals, consumed by anger and regret, watch a woman doomed to dance, ever so beautifully, under the stars. “Starlightdancer” he sings in an achingly emotional echoed chorus laced with helplessness longing and sadness, intensified by dramatic gauzy swathes of synths, whilst seamlessly writhe and twist, in a slow yet ruthless pace, towards the darkness.

Just in time for your Halloween romance, “Starlightdancer” will warm your cold heart.

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