WL//WH Track Of The Day: SAVAGERY “Laughter”

WL//WH Track Of The Day SAVAGERY

Following an unusually quiet 2022, the wandering project of Melbourne-bred composer and musician Thomas Savage returns straight in the very early days of the new year, albeit not with his familiar main moniker Vilde, with which he has released 4 albums starting in 2017, but with the new offshoot Savagery.

Moving between Stockholm, Melbourne, Düsseldorf, Norwich, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, the former frontman of 10s Brighton, UK-based guitar pop band Kins draws a rich, sleek and dreamy gamut of sonic and emotional hues able to combine diverse electronic and rock leanings into an atmospheric and entrancing interplay between experimentation and pop sensibility on the same wavelength as bands such as Wild Beasts, Alt-J, Radiohead and Foals, through intricate, throbbing and immersive shimmering instrumental layers and hypnotic rhythmic grooves, to fuel a stirring flow of soulful emotive vocal introspections with glares of existential melancholy and seductive romanticism.

Drawing from the 80s flecked, glittering arty Synthpop echoes and romantic aesthetic of Talk Talk, Blue Nile, and even of the Associates, the first Savagery‘s single, “Laughter”, taken from the upcoming EP “Come Alive”,  unravels in a conflict between lovers where an apology is quickly rejected and bitterness takes hold.

Layered heartfelt vocals, imbued with hope and angst, relentlessly breathe and lilt against a pulsating and vibrating underpinning of crisp, tinny up-tempo rhythmic patterns, humming basslines and lush pads, wistfully trimmed by liquid wiry synth swirls and piercing twinkles of whining guitar strains, to quaver on the swayed ripples of love.

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