WL//WH Track Of The Day: SATIS “VMBRAL”

Track Of The Day  SATIS

In the increasingly overwhelming wave of new releases from the South American underground dark music scene, the solo project of Chilean artist Kvxdra a.k.a. SATIS, based in Santiago, is back with his third DIY EP/mini-LP “NLZ”.

Seven tracks, including two instrumentals, rife with a blend ’80s influenced, sometimes danceable (‘Crvel’ and ‘Nolvz’), dark post-punk, coldwave, darkwave to create distressing, cold and uncomfortable soundscapes, pervaded by uncompromising yet glittering darkness, punctuated by tight, driving drum-machine rhythms along with menacing throbbing bassline, whilst lightened by achingly sparkling evocative guitars, and hypnotic bright synthesizer around deep, distorted morose vocals, bleeding cutting layers of gloom and decay.

“VMBRAL” oozes with eerily mysterious lustrous, icy synth chords that shroud punchy whipping snare beats, woven with bleak jittering bassline, that pulse unremittingly together with glimmering, chiming guitar drips of ghostly, ethereal and melancholic suffering, haunted by garbled, gravelly male vocals struggling to emerge into distant distorted echoes, weeping disconnection and pain.

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