WL//WH Track Of The Day: SATIS “Tragedia Mental”

Track Of The Day  SATIS

Chilean artist from Santiago, Kvxdra under his moniker SATIS, returns with his new 3-track EP aptly titled “Tragedia”, replete with an absorbing synth-drenched sepulchral and esoteric, at times danceable, Darkwave sound shot through with profound gloom, heart-rending dramaticism, and eternal despair.

“Tragedia Mental” dwells in the darkness of the forgotten ones where pain and death are all that can be expected out of life.

Set off by steady urgent punchy rhythmic patterns, cut through by skipping kicks and echoing crispy claps, to inject a stark martial tone to the murky undulating line of buzzing low ends, whilst alarming tragic synth flutters vibrate and flicker, lost in a spectral sorrow and catacomb-like doom, amid the baleful solemnity of cold stoic vocals, chanting an ominous ritual of danger and angst.

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