WL//WH Track Of The Day : SARA STUTTGART “Last Step”

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Almost no infos about this mysterious project from New York called Sara Stuttgart but as usual  let’s the music do the talking like Steven Tyler used to sing.

“Last Step”, the first track from the 4-track debut EP “SSP”, blurs the lines between post-punk, coldwave and shoegaze. Kraut motorik beats, pulsing bass, detached loose vocals on the background, mourning reverb-drenched guitar leads with an idle, slightly obsessive, pace to create an muffled, hazy and claustrophobic atmosphere, recalling a blurry and warped black and white picture, at the same time highly melodic and addictive, that slowly gets deep into your skin.

A peculiar, intriguing and immersive take on the post-punk genre with shoegaze undertones, 

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