WL//WH Track Of The Day: SANS RETOUR “Fading Away”

Track Of The Day   SANS RETOUR

Maybe it’s too early to talk about it after just a single song, a home demo moreover, but the debut by the solo electronic Coldwave solo act from Strasbourg, Sans Retour, was among the ones that stuck with me most from last weekend in the dark music camp.

“Fading Away” delivers a chilly, edgy, and moody dark electronic sound possibly inspired by contemporary acts like Boy Harsher, while somehow recalling the eerily gloomy atmospherics of my personal 80s faves Click Click.

Dire lyrics invoke fear, suffering, and fading powers, with nowhere to hide, at the hands of an exposed deception.

The pulsating and bubbling urgency of the bass line and the at the same time crunchy and gritty off-tempo rhythm patterns, interspersed with rolling crisp cowbells, combined with tensely lilting, stacking synth chimes and evocative uncanny flows, draw up something sinister, intensely emotional, and highly danceable, roused by desperate, haunted vocals driving breathless pain and dread through an incoming menace of deadly darkness.

The debut EP seems to be scheduled for the very start of November, let’s keep a close eye on it.

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