WL//WH Track Of The Day: SANDCASTLE “Home”


“The anger of the Idles, the oneirism of Slowdive and spleen of The Cure”, in this way the 5-piece band from the South of France, namely Marseille and Toulon, Sandcastle describes their sound.

Indeed there is plenty of anger and existential anguish in the group’s debut 5-track EP “Home”, scraped by abrasive, jagged, at times dissonant and crushing, sharp guitar riffs, a vibrant syncopated rhythm section and desperate piercing vocalizations, which ends with the harrowing and painful atmospheric emotional release of “Cat’s House”, one of the work’s best and most gripping moment.

As often happens it is precisely the track that combines shimmery effect-laden guitars and energetic reverb-washed swarming layers that appeals to us the most, marked by shadowy sombre melodies and resonant angsty depths, in which the throbbing and propulsive backbone of a gloriously assertive, bleakly swelling, Hook-esque bassline and giddy, skittering drums, bolsters the interwoven engrossing wandering crescendo of sparkling echoing whines, dazzling searing progressions and doleful soaring leads atop dynamic tone-shifting, penetrating and poignant vocal interplay with ethereal female backups, reeling powerless into a chaotic whirlwind of despairing dread.

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