WL//WH Track Of The Day: SAM JUNER “Lost My Way”

Track Of The Day SAM JUNER

London-based songwriter and musician Sam Juner crafts restless and fragile atmospheric soundscapes layered by gauzy blankets of buzzing and shimmering reverb, seeping emotional intensity and sinuous plaintive melodies, enriched by his alluring heartfelt husky croons weighted with despair, isolation, passion and feeble hope on the edge of an abyss.

After an enticing fuzzier shoegazing debut, “Silhouette”, possibly more appealing to most, the English artist’s songs has become increasingly stripped down and introspective, yet not less intriguing, as the new and third single, “Lost My Way”, clearly reveals.

 “Lost My Way” lingering mournful guitar notes ripple and pulse endlessly, stabbed by steady whipping beats, gliding slowly into rivulets of restrained heart-wrenching despair, inexorably falling apart into a blurry subtly droning sea steeped in poignant melancholy, surrounded by dazzling, feeble soars of sheer reverberations and swelled by warm bass tremblings, teetering between chasmic depths and shimmering skies to shut around harsh, gravelly discontent vocals wallowing in aching pain and heartache, to scratch through an obsessive meandering of fear.

Troubled obsessive memories plague a romantic heart causing a grand revelation, “And I love you.”

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