WL//WH Track Of The Day : SADNESS ISOLATION “Schmerz”

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After having highlighted most part of the impressive current crop of dark analogue synth artists hailing from Mexico, from Rogelio Serrano‘ EquinoxiusAngel Kauff, a.k.a. Stockhaussen and Erick Arevalo‘s El Ojo y la Navaja, was still missing, not because less effective, the stylish solo project, based in Toluca, of the minimal synth electronics craftsman Daniel Rossier, under the moniker of  Sadness Isolation.

Completely DIY, with lyrics ranging from Spanish, English and German, his sound is a distinctive and cohesive blend of the dark and moody tones of minimal synth, the romanticism and elegance of ’80s coldwave and the gloominess of darkwave, without falling into nostalgic cliches. 

In “Schmerz”, German word for ‘Pain’, he shows his distinctive ability to craft high-quality contemporary dark analogue synth electronic sound, made of steady and hypnotic beats, enveloping analogue cold strings and crackling bass lines underpinned by his dour evocative deep deep vocals to create an hazy and mesmerizing atmosphere of profound melancholy and emotional anguish, carrying us towards the dark and shadowy paths of the soul.

Endowed with a strong sense of concept and style, Sadness Isolation never fails to be poignant, captivating and unpredictable.

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