WL//WH Track Of The Day: SAD MADONA “Rebellion”

Track Of The Day SAD MADONA  

“Rebellion” is the brand new single by Parisian songwriter and composer Remi Lauvergne, a.k.a. Sad Madona, actually released as a demo version at the end of last year, an immersive Darkwave romance, augmented with moody witchy synths and fuzzy shoegaze mists, dancing dramatically on hypnotic beats into unsettling, soul-stirring and thought-provoking atmospherics.

The goth-tinged lyrics expose the pain endured by a person who feels they cannot share the truth with a loved one.

Soft agonized vocals drift ghost-like, looming hopelessly over an endless, looping melancholic guitar arpeggio that lonely sparks in the sweeping pervading haze, weaved by the rise and fall of plaintive and buzzing evocative synth oscillations, to echo lingering suffering and guilt.

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