WL//WH Track Of The Day: SAD MADONA “Crimes”

Track Of The Day SAD MADONA  

Fourth, and first single of the year from the French Synth project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, under the moniker of Sad Madona, distinctive of his captivating ‘dramatic dance’ made of a brooding and melancholic dark Coldwave that draws gleam of disquiet and alienation.

“Crimes” strikes the balance between form and substance imbued sensuous and emotional seduction that lies entirely in its quality of being minimal and expressive, without ever losing elegance and immediacy, while the French language adds additional alluring flair.

Passionate lyrics long in helpless memories and broken promises of disenchanted love.

Steady rhythms lash across bubbling bassline that bounces with tight throbs percolating in obscurity, encircled by somber flashes of synth, echoing out with despondent feeble poignancy together with low haunted vocals, suffering in breathless moans of desire and regret, to float empty and alone, cloaked in a dimmed oppression of distrust.

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