WL//WH Track Of The Day : S U N F E E L S C O L D ‘Dose Makes The Poison’




S U N F E E L S C O L D are a brand new mysterious band from the ever fervent Montreal‘s DIY underground music scene, that have just released today their debut 3-track EP ‘Prism Valley’.

My favourite ‘Dose Makes The Poison’, starts with a compelling Mancunian pulsating and penetrating bass/drums-driven intro, immediately soaked in an electric brooding curtain of reverb-guitar fuzz before turning in a unhealthy, narcotic mix of noise and melody interwined with aloof detached vocals and culminating in the feedback-filled coda that fades slowly into the void.

A stunning song of staggering beauty and rare intensity, merging the best bits of the pasts (JAMC , Factory Records) to forge a modern mesmerising monster of psych and shoegaze infused post-punk noise.

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