WL//WH Track Of The Day: ROSANEBEL “Demon In The Sphere”

Track Of The Day  Rosanebel

I’ve been following for several years now, mainly on Soundcloud, the Vienna based electronic musician Rosanebel, whose take on synthetic sound lies somewhere on the intersection of Proto-Techno, Industrial, Wave, Noise with roots in the post-punk/punk heritage, laced with a lo-fi and experimental edge.

The eclecticism of the Austrian artist doesn’t stop to the sonic elements above, as the new track, “Demon In The Sphere”, part of the upcoming Various Artists “Compilation D”, 4th sampler by fellow CUT SURFACE label, combines powerful, doomy post-punk with ominous dungeon synth imaginative leanings, informed by dreadful and horrific suggestions that seem to have come out of the H. P. Lovecraft pages.

‘Compilation D’ cover by Kate Kristal

Terrifying lyrics describe a post-apocalyptic city writhing in pain and fear under the spell of an evil demon.

“Demon In The Sphere” unleashes unremitting snapping beats and fearful kicks, plagued by a gurgling, ghoulish bassline that wiggles and rumbles ruthlessly into a murky pit of encroaching darkness, smeared across by wandering, looming icy clouds of mournful, ritual synth swathes and blazing surging stab buzzing dramatically around cryptic, distorted vocals, releasing sinister distant forebodings, tempting demonic whispers, and hellish celestial omens into a primal anaesthesia of menace and fear.

4th label compilation “Compilation D” – a blast from Cut Surface’s PAST | PRESENT | FUTURE – is due out on Digital and physical CD edition, on September 27th via Bandcamp, along with a new edition of CS ZINE (ltd. to 150 copies).

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analog photo by @jnsmhr