WL//WH Track of The Day: RITUAL LOVERS “Silent Echoes”


Two former bandmates in Rivne-based, Ukrainian Post-punk outfit Cold Comfort, Alex (Dikkät) and Eugene (Bedroom Talks), while an insane war rages and clangs all around, found their Ritual Lovers through “a mix of beauty and goth cold music influenced by Coldwave, Darkwave, EBM, Post-punk, and Gothic Rock”.

The first Ritual Lovers foray, “Silent Echoes”, unleashes a relentless sweeping clangour of clattering cold rhythmic patterns, EBM-ish chunky and rumbling low ends along with abrasive Post-punk edges, whilst the emotionally-charged lyrics capture the agonizing disconnection of a lost soul, waiting for warmth and comfort amid a cold, cruel still world.

A pain-filled, excruciating barrage of grinding distortion descends headfirst into a hellish blaring cacophony, fuelled by skipping hollow percussions jerking ruthlessly, slashed through by stark hissing hi-hat hits, and blistering stabs of heavily arpeggiated grim basslines, swept by forlorn ceremonial synth flashes, to writhe and convulse in unison with tragic forsaken vocals, longing and aching in desperate fiery layers of alienation and dread, drowned in an abysmal pitch-black pool of transcendental ecstasy and endless agony.

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