WL//WH Track Of The Day: RINGFINGER “Undercroft”

Track Of The Day Ringfinger

Most likely named after a Nine Inch Nails song from the infamous 1989‘s Pretty Hate Machine”, Ringfinger is a mysterious duo from Vancouver, British Columbia who has just dropped his excellent sophomore 5-track EPOne of Bones”.

Ringfinger delivers ‘synthetic ballads from beyond’, carving eerie and evocative atmospheric layers from ’80s-tinged darkwave, coldwave and post-punk, at times with a subtly enveloping dark dance-inducing twist.

The utterly disturbing and immersive, “Undercroft” creeps with taut and menacing kicks thud atop sharp hats, awash by icy dismal synth swells, that merge into a propelling slur of punching snares and hypnotic smoldering bassline, instilling an obscure, macabre, intoxicating vibe, as sultry, seductive, painfully detached vocals from the undercroft, weighted by impending deep dramatic synth flows, are buried into relentless claustrophobic darkness and despair.

The debut EP “Pressure” is going to be released as limited cassette edition by the Russian label Other Voices Records on November 20, 2019.

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