WL//WH Track Of The Day: RINGFINGER “Familiar Placement”

Track Of The Day Ringfinger

Vancouver, British Columbia‘s purveyor of ‘synthetic ballads from beyond’, Goth Post-punk / Darkwave band duo, Ringfinger, returns, after more than a year from the third EP, “Echoes Fade”, with new female half and the vibrant and poignant stand-alone single “Familiar Placement”.

And it is precisely an emotional-ridden, sinister and shadowy ballad, introspective and seething at the same time, albeit not so synthetic as usual, made up of intense, stark and penetrating sounds, combined with an obscure and wistful sensitivity, that winds its way over somehow dancing, crackling and punchy percussions, but where is mainly an evocative and atmospheric multifaceted guitar work, reminiscents of Fields Of The Nephilim, to shine, capable of sorely scratching, as well as instilling gloomy icy shivers down the spine.

Poetic lyrics dwell in a nostalgic stream of regret, melancholy, and shame.

Tension and coldness sombrely sway on the hypnotic rhythms from lashing drum patterns, cut by smashing hits, ominously thumping beneath chilly synth glows along and an immersive, vibrating tone-shifting array of pensive sparkling arpeggios, sharp jagged riffs, desolate circular rambles and thorny heartbreaking strains, whilst a stern, haunted baritone vocals, enshrined in weak piercing pain, drop anger and fear into a dark, urgent obsession of bitter moods.

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photo by @guccigimpmask