WL//WH Track Of The Day: RINA PAVAR “Light Haze”

Track Of The Day  RINA PAVAR  

Brand new 2-track digital single in anticipation from the upcoming album “Six”, for the Leipzig-based artist Rina Pavar of sleek produced, stark and hypnotizing Cold Dark Wave drenched in noir aesthetic magnetism, dancing with subtly feverish, daunting cathartic prowess, through seductive crisp electro drumming patterns and droning bubbling low ends, amid austere self-restraint, whilst glassy synths gleam like glowing crystal over lush and aloof female expressiveness, weighty with chilly emotions.

The lead track “Light Haze” urges bouncy chugging basslines and sharp punchy snares, encircled by slowly shivering synth veils, distant obsessive flashes and chiming stabs, to coalesce into a surreal vibrant realm over breathless vocal layers, ditching distorted angst for a newfound passion.

More obscure and menacing, the exclusive, “Heavy Rain”, which will not be included on the LP, bathes in an urgent, dissociative aura of shedding fear, driven by ominous rolling bassline oscillations along with steady thumping beats, penetrated by echoing, uncanny shiny synth strains, to carry detached vocal sorrow through a swirling portal of wicked echoes into an impending fate.

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