WL//WH Track Of The Day: RESEARCH VESSEL “Like Today”


Fine craftsman for around fifteen years of intimate and melancholic indiepop ruminations, layered with gentle folksy grace, wavering between summery acoustic breathes and subtly hazy noisy textures, started in 2008 with Lawrence, Kansas trio The Kite Tails, then turned into the twee duo Transmittens and finally, relocated to Washington State, in the surf-tinted dream-pop combo Seapony, along his solo minor-key ‘gloom pop’ alias Space Daze, Seattle-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Danny Rowland returns with the new ‘basic pop’ project, Research Vessel.

It’s a back-to-the-basics for Danny, who “seeks to reclaim the magic feeling of his early music days”, adding the repetitive pace of drum machines and above all suggestive cheap Casio keyboards, to counterpoint the strummy guitar and the bittersweet spleen of his warm and confidential plaintive vocal delivery, reminiscent of the intonation of Glenn Donaldson, all wrapped in a lo-fi aesthetic.

The first single “Like Today”, teases the upcoming debut “Going Tomorrow” EP via Olympia‘s label Small Craft Advisory, is an intimate confession about being verbally attacked by a loved one on a daily basis and the negative effects it has on the rest of the day.

The tune churns an energetic sway of crisp, strummed guitar, woven with throbbing metronomic drum beats, whilst a fizzing wander of lustrous and wistful reedy keyboard motifs echo sad, angsty vocals, aching softly in introspective obsessions.

Research Vessel’s debut EP, “Going Tomorrow”, is due out, Cassette & Digital, on March 1st via Olimpya, WA-based label  Small Craft Advisory.

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