WL//WH Track Of The Day: Rejøysin “WITCH”

Track Of The Day  Rejøysin

Hailing from the enchanting Medieval city of Vannes on the South coast of Brittany, since last year, French multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, under the alias of Rejøysin, treads on the ridge between hazily atmospheric, cold dreampop, haunted by shimmering guitar reverbs, and more obscure and uncanny darkwave territories, as the latest ghostlike and horror infused single, “Witch”, clearly suggests.

Dark and dangerous spells stir sedition, deceit, and warped purposes, swaying in a sharp contrast between flashing lights and spectral shadows, toward an icy cold concoction of sinister witchy moods, elicited by an unrelenting string of hypnotic kicks, steady slashing snares, and arrhythmic cracking claps, amid buzzing, menacing grave chords and spooky glaring synth resonances layered over hollow and crispy bouncing bass throbs, whilst last ethereal yet eerie female hums entice into a murky pool of bleak, treacherous sensuality.

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