WL//WH Track Of The Day : RAPE TAPE “Сожги / Burn It”

Track Of The Day

From the frosty far east Russian region of Khabarovsk here’s a band that will warm and burn your numb bleak souls.

Rape Tape are a female-fronted 4-piece, they just released their second 4-track EP titled ‘Прочь’ after a couple of very limited split tapes and last April proper debut single

“Сожги / Burn It” is deeply emotional, sensual and intriguing, capture the intensity of visceral hardcore, combined with inclinations towards ritualistic post-punk, the turbulent and tribal drumming set the tone of a dense and seething dark maelstrom fuelled by lacerating and simmering guitars and declaiming, detached vocals submerged in a relentlessly oppressive and psychosis-inducing shamanistic ritual of gloomy bleak depth.

In the Far East, isolated from the far away richer and smoother Russian capitals, is developing an exciting and pristine underground scene, free to experiment and ‘dare’, rooted in punk ethos and totally DIY, as a cathartic reaction against the stark reality, the ‘Khabarovsk no wave’ of Rape Tape is only the first compelling rough diamond, many others soon will come, don’t miss out on them.

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