WL//WH Track Of The Day: RED SUN 1981 “Diver Down”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  RED SUN 1981

Founding member and mastermind of Buffalo, NY-based veteran visionary Space Rockers, The Daysleepers, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Jeff Kandefer, besides his couple of ongoing projects, the meditative Ambient of Plio̱cene and the 80s-infused Synth-Wave of Nightcruise, is recently back in action, as proof of his multifaceted songwriting, with a couple of additional new endeavours: the edgy yet atmospheric riff-laden Shoegazing of  Sinking_Gardens, with the early February’s hypnotizing “Washed Away”, and the latest “nostalgic Dreampop for losers” of Red Sun 1981, as usual, the whole via his own label My Daydream Records.

Red Sun 1981‘s first foray, “Diver Down”, lyric-wise, is about trying to save another from hopelessness while delving into the lush glistening vibrating yet reflective textures of The Cure, and the more recent Beach Fossils, and DIIV.

As bracing and chilly as the waves of the ocean, “Diver Down” ensnares and washes over you into a breezy summery ambience beaming and flourishing from a mesmerizing unravelling of echoing layers of crackling chiming guitar melodies, underlined by a sinuous warm bassline and bouncy drum beats, darting in and out with sharp vibrant melancholy, in unison with dreamy yet aching vocals longing to let go, run away and be free.

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