WL//WH Track Of The Day: RAW DESIRE “Femme Fatale”

Track Of The Day  RAW DESIRE

Popped up today, credit to In Depth Music library, even though it came out a couple of weeks ago on Spotify only, “Femme Fatale” is the debut single from Raw Desire, a Dark Post-Punk one-man band based in Amsterdam with Latin roots.

A haunting confession about someone caught in between dreaming of and trying to hide from, taking care of another’s needs, “Femme Fatale” radiates urgent guitar-fueled Post-punk energy across a driving mechanical drum machine and broody ominous bass lines along sharp, ringing and searing 6-string riffs, imbued with both sweeping and piercing excruciating intensity, to reverberate around dry restless vocals, frantically releasing guilt and despair.

Although pulling into classic ’80s templates, the band draws them up with heartfelt urgency, emphasized by compelling sizzling, and emotion-ridden guitar work, while the echoed vocal delivery is not as effective; a solid debut anyway.

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