WL//WH Track Of The Day: RATKELLER “The Bridge”

Track Of The Day  RATKELLER  

Even if, somehow, I realized who he is, let’s follow his enigmatic suggestions: Ratkelleris a singer-songwriter/arranger, currently based in Central Europe, working within the realms of darkly catchy tunes with a Post-Punk approach, soaking in influences from moodier pieces of Indie music from the 80s and 90s.”

In his first Rockn’Roll-tainted single, “The Bridge”, through glimmers of early Velvet Underground, Swell Maps and JAMC, Ratkeller churns out a hypnotic and thrilling guitar-driven blend of Post-punk, Indie Rock and Krautrock rhythms, sprinkled with a dark Psychedelic bent.

The song, about a romantic encounter by the river that ends with a symbolic burned ‘bridge’ disconnection caused by lies and secrets, is led by the propulsive metronomic pace of a drum machine along with a warm snaky pulsing bassline, layered and scraped with groovy effect-filled jarring and churning sharp guitar slivers, interspersed with mercurial emotive droning riffage bursts, to meander around moody mystifying vocals, ranging from high-pitched croons to low sneaky angst, secret whispers and a final urgent jingly-key-driven rumbling and swelling release of ecstatic cries.

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