WL//WH Track Of The Day: RADIOKLUB “Manifesto (I define myself)” [off V/A “Stanze Fredde volume 1”]

Track Of The Day  Radioklub

Stanze Fredde is a newcomer Italian cold and independent label from Turin, which strictly embodies the no-profit D.I.Y. spirit, with the aim to bring together all the cold youth who express their emotions on synthesizers and ignite the Minimal Revolution.

The incoming 17-track compilation, “Stanze Fredde volume 1”, replete with synthetic and glacial sounds, was created with the intention of funding an independent minimal synth Festival the collective is organizing in Turin on the 23rd of November, with our beloved Athenian in London, Night In Athens, just announced as the opening act. 

Somehow on the same synth-driven path as the Greek musician, far less aggressive, equally dark, and creepingly atmospheric, “Manifesto (I define myself)”, the first foretaste, as well as the first track of the album, comes from the Turin-based solo project Radioklub that promises to deliver ‘Sci-fi Synth-Pop from space’.

“Manifesto (I define myself)” triggers tight urgent beats that compel a distorted mumbling bassline, droning and oscillating below uncanny and whimsical resonating synth chimes, swirling over echoed, curt and aloof spoken word vocals, exploring identity through a lens of being a creature of the night.

The upcoming 17-track Various Artists compilation, “Stanze Fredde volume 1”, is slated for release, on ltd. hand-made 200 CD & Digital, on June 19, 2024.

 The upcoming 17-track compilation, “Stanze Fredde volume 1”, is slated for release, on self-made recycled CDs & Digital, on June 19, 2024, while the the work in progress Turin’s Stanze Fredde Fest at El Paso Occupato is scheduled for November 23.

We’ll talk about it in a more detailed way later, in the meantime support the Minimal Revolution!!!

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