WL//WH Track Of The Day: RADIO SECT “Wired”

Track Of The Day  RADIO SECT  

Back on track the Greek four-piece unit from Athens, Radio Sect, after the first EP “State Of Emergency”, at the start of 2020,  announces Radio Sect’s forthcoming debut album, titled “WIRED!”, scheduled for release, also on Vinyl 12″, via local label Geheimnis Music Productions early in the new year, teased by the title track “Wired”.

Came together ‘in a place where bands like Abwarts, Mecano (the Dutch one), Bauhaus and Glaxo Babies met’, the band plays a late 70s/early 80s-inflected skeletal, crunchy, and angular Post-punk sound injected with the heartfelt urgency of early Punk.

“Wired” evokes feelings of paranoia and obsession through a frustrated frame of electrifying jerky groovy rhythms, propelled by relentless snappy drumming along with spasmodic and limber pulsing bassline meanderings, persistently pierced by taut, frenzied and jagged guitar riffs, dancing on the edge of a wire with dramatic vocals, unleashing loud agitated cries and screams of angst and dread.

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