WL//WH Track Of The Day: R. MISSING “Placeholder for the Night”

Track Of The Day R. Missing

Almost nine months after the impromptu, however mesmerizing, single “Suzywhereabout”, three from the debut mini-album, “Unsummering”, on Talitres, that resounded even outside their borders, especially in France, the enigmatic New York City-based electronic darklings R. Missing, made up of former The Rope members Sharon Shy and Toppy, are back with their new 3-track EP “Placeholder for the Night”, replete with their distinctive minimal and deeply introspective synth-laden sound.

Intense, and the same time dreamlike and entrancing, ebb and flow of synthetic textures, fueled by scattering and crunchy rhythms, developing as immersive and soul-stirring narratives, with rich cinematic undercurrents, in a constant switch between lights and shadows, enshrouded in a dense swirling haze, at times deeply sad and disillusioned, others veering towards noir-ish abrasive moods, or rarefied meditative recesses, generating an all-encompassing sensory stream of uneasy feelings and painful emotions, drawing from the dark psychological realms of subconscious fear and anxiety, to hopelessly haunt with a chillingly beautiful and intimate portrait of self-discovery.

The title track, “Placeholder for the Night”, is introduced by sparse evocative blurred piano notes that give way to lashing steady snare beats, underpinned by palpitating hearty low ends, awash by slow swirling breadths of humming and hissing synths to build gauzy mists of intoxicating melancholy that engross and soar, dusted with strains of uneasiness, fueled by rumbling percolating bassline and radiant unresting, hopeless spacey expansions, while dreamy, anxious female vocals, lost in angsty disconnection, echo breathless disappointment, wandering irksomely into a never satisfied existence, where even the darkness is too bright.

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