WL//WH Track Of The Day: PUSTOTA VESCHEY “Hare Krishna” (post-punk doomer version)

Track Of The Day Pustota Veschey

Пустота Вещей / Pustota Veschey (Emptiness of Things) is the darkwave music project of Ukrainian musician Ruslan Radionov, resurfaced this year, after a long hiatus since his beginnings between 2016 and 2017, with an EP and a couple of singles, good last one “Hare Krishna”.

A heartfelt tribute to the ancient breadth and depth of Eastern culture, namely Hinduism, in order to rediscover thy own true self and find eternal beauty in a world in ruins, shrouded in a gloomily shimmering and somber, equally dark and cold, post-punk sound.

Skipping and snapping seething percussive patterns, surrounded by ominously boundless icy spacious synth sweeps, trigger unremitting whipping beats, and sparse double claps, pierced through by shuddering sparkling guitar melodies, that obsessively soar and whine around deep ritual chants, to vibrate, fade, and echo in a hypnotic mantra of self-awareness, devoted to the beloved “Hare Krishna”, shedding light into the darkness.

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