WL//WH Track Of The Day : PUSH BUTTON PRESS “Transfiguration”

Track Of The Day

German international netlabel and music promotion service based out of Frankfurt am MainCold Transmission has got us used to ‘all quality, no filler’ compilations on monthly basis with the best and new crop of post-punk / darkwave / coldwave and beyond underground bands around.

The new flawless 6th Volume starts in great shape with an unreleased track from Tampa, Florida darkwavers Push Buttom Press. 

A dark and intense, danceable post-punk song about, change, acceptance, and isolation,“Transfiguration” is imbued with passion and drama. Tight, pounding drum beats and throbbing melodic bass line unrelentlessy pulse in close connection weaving the syncopated backbone underneath soaring spiky, shimmering guitar lines that ooze brooding yet energetic melancholy. The touching, slightly raspy, emotionally detached vocals encompasse all the sadness, disappointment and gloom about the breakup, ominous icy swells of synths, noisey menacing guitar riffs and mournful leads bring until the final inevitable resolution “there is nothing left ot say, it’s over.”

Check out Cold Transmission‘s “ZEITGEIST VOL. 6” above to satiate your monthly hunger for dark sounds, the Volume 7 of ZEITGEIST “TRILOGY” series will be landing very soon in the next few days.

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