WL//WH Track Of The Day: PULSE 77 “Brandende Regen”

Track Of The Day PULSE 77  

Half of Post-Punk / Synthpop duo Dolva Sana, together with London‘s singer Jake Harding, Kortrijk, Belgium-based musician and producer Aloise-Ann Keihin, under his Pulse 77 moniker, departs in the brand new 3-track debut “Chaos Control” EP, from the lush, cold, romantic 80s “Synth-Britannia” melodicism, to venture into chimey, droning and throbbing robotic, Krafterwek-inflected, Electro territories with emotive Wave sweeping tones.

The opening “Brandende Regen” unravels relentless plinky dry metronomic rhythm patterns, punctuated by hollow clinky keys and sparse crispy claps, throb with stark mechanical, surgical accuracy, wreathed in a mesmerizing, eerily haunting ghostly nebula of flickering buzzing low-end undulations and lonesome, whirring synth drifts, swelling with hopeless intensity over indecipherable vocoded vocal atmospherics lost in melancholic disconnection and a transmission meltdown.

The EP is completed with the bouncy glaring and flashy glacial machine-driven retro-futuristic hypnotism of the title track “Chaos Control”, and the more reflective and uncanny teutonic closing “Tot Alles In Staat”, bouncing and agonizing on a jerky, blazing sequencer.

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