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“New York’s newest and worst band” state on their social media the elusive Brooklyn post-punk power trio Publicity, but what is certain that their self-released debut “Private Vanity” EP is better by far than average with their distinctive 80’s guitar-driven melodic post-punk sound with a modern indie twist.

“Alligator” deals with love, loss, and self deprecation. An energetic and emotional post-punk flavour, both upbeat and gloomy, imbued with melancholy, longing and despair, while at the same time passionate and intense. Melody driven and sonically poignant, fueled by unceasingly pounding drums and throbbing slithering bass lines in an underlay of quivering pulses that chase the enthralling commanding vocals, amazingly shifting from desperate and pleading to crooning and begging, surrounded by wistful guitar chords, piercing and enveloping strums and penetrating riffs. “The alligator” himself, guilty of the breakup, falls deeper into a “no way out” depression of self loathing and disgust.

A overall brilliant debut from a band that infuses an intriguing personality, infectious energy and strong sense of melody, made of impressive guitar work, at turns bright and chiming, sometimes frantic and distorted, pulsating bass and emotional swaggering NY croon, well worth exploring in detail and fall in love with…

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