WL//WH Track Of The Day : PSYCHIC GUILT “Vine”

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Nevada / Washington dream pop / goth duo Psychic Guilt revolves around the trans-state music partnership of Reno‘s Amy (vox/guitar/bass) and Spokane‘s Conor (vox/guitar/synth/programming) from one man band Dancing Plague.

The brand new sophomore self-titled 4-track EP increasingly refined the band’s modern blend of dream pop sombre ethereality, and early ’80s dark post-punk vibes laden with warm and moving melancholy, nostalgia, and loss. 

“Vine” starts in an ominous tone, the guitar sinister, the beat hypnotic, the female chant ethereal yet depressed. A broken relationship leaves deep mourning, desired reconciliation, and a dire need to understand. A driving, syncopated drum machine propels forward underneath mournful weeping guitar leads, leaving room again for the longing voice underpinned by a distorted, wobbling icy bass line, to arouse disturbing feelings of melancholy, angst and confusion. The mournful guitar sours tragically, the beats clap mechanicallythe distinctive baritone reveals his anguish and mourning for a mutual lack of communication, both caged in the endless cycle of yearning, doomy guitar chords turn to foreboding again…

A hauntingly morose , gloomily intense yet subtle goth love song.

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