WL//WH Track Of The Day: PRISMS “Hot Under The Collar”

Track Of The Day  PRISMS

Based in the steamy hot Miami, Florida sun, PRISMS is the DIY indie rock solo project created and produced, pretty well to be honest, apparently in his bedroom, by multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Daniel Cardona, who has just released his impressive second album of the year, “Hot Under The Collar”, that treads both 80s and 90s sonic territories with freshness and strong melodic sensibility, spanning between post-punk, indie, dream pop, mottled with shoegaze and post-rock leanings.

A dynamic and atmospheric, prominently British style, guitar-laden sound, equally energetic and vibrant, hardly discordant, as dreamy and introspective, which ebbs and flows in captivating, yet candidly familiar, winding sparkly melodies, with a nuanced balance of shadow and light, over a tormented emotional rollercoaster ride brimming with sincerity, sadness, and deep melancholy.

The title track, “Hot Under The Collar”, holds confessional lyrics that express regret, disenchantment, and the pain of letting go of a dying relationship.

Urgent sprightly drum beats along with a smooth sinuous, elastic bassline lay the throbbing foundation for a glistening weft of jangly guitar melodies that sway with wistful vibrancy alongside dreamy agonized male vocals, suffering breathless echoes of emotional fear, to float fatally, reverberated by a soaring, achingly searing 6-string lead, into the lonely winds of change.

An album that lays the foundation and gives several glimpses of interesting perspectives of growth.

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