WL//WH Track Of The Day: PRIMITIVE LIPS “Into Nothing”

Track Of The Day    PRIMITIVE LIPS

Primitive Lips are a 4-piece band from New Jersey influenced by post-punk, new wave and, as they say, britpop. The quartet are going to release their self-titled debut EP for New Albany’s independent tape label Like Young Records.

The no less than excellent four tracks of bold freshness and electrifying energy evoke profound suggestions and mesmerizing and enveloping hazy atmospheres.

“Into Nothing” is a fascinating and poignant, 80’s Brit-inspired, post-punk/new wave gem, characterised by an Ian McCulloch-like emphatic vocal tone, shimmering jangling guitars chords, pulsating bass lines, pummeling drums, to create a feel of decadent romanticism and deep melancholy that make it vibrate and shine, showing a band of distinctive melodic talent and impressive maturity.

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