WL//WH Track Of The Day: PRIMARY DELUSION “Does It Matter”


‘Music about the interplay between art and reality, dreams and existence’ let us know on his Bandcamp, Primary Delusion, the one-man DIY project from Helsinki, Finland, albeit it’s his warm, silky, and heartfelt natural crooner voice that immediately strikes, captivates and seduces, informed by the same subtlest gripping nuances, laced with drama and pathos, of Ian McCulloch, Morrissey, Richard Hawley, Peter Murphy, even Stephen Jones of Babybird, at first his latest song reminded me straightaway of “You’re Gorgeous”, despite its differences. All paired with mainly organic sparkling instrumentation and introspective, emotive and intense songwriting rooted in the broad and familiar spectrum of UK Indie-Rock /Wave /Post-Punk sounds from the 80s.

The thought-provoking new single, “Does It Matter”, confesses a life of pent-up sentiments where angst, pain, and love lie hiding beneath the fragile façade of a fear-driven alienation.

The song, as it is characteristic of Primary Delusion’s music, is rife with an all-consuming passion, sincere emotions and echoes of long ago, to shape a poignant, vibrant soundscape pervaded by seductive melancholy and intimate lyricism, through a glittering syncopated sway of repetitive shimmering guitar chords, chiming plaintive melodies, broody pulsing basslines and sweeping wistful strings, soothingly clad by deep emotional vocals, dropping aching sorrow and forlorn longing into a cathartic overflow of desperate, lonesome dread.

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