WL//WH Track Of The Day: PRENDERSE FUEGO “Nocturna”


Born from loose ideas and sleepless nights back in 2020, the Buenos Aires, the Post-Punk / Coldwave music project of Argentina-based duo Prenderse Fuego is slowly taking shape, the debut single “Nocturna” is the first fire to be lit.

As ‘the sleepless nights’ seems a recurrent theme, the confessional lyrics long for eternal, sleepless nights with a loved one.

“Nocturna” pulls into an uncanny, ominous, and giddy alternate obscure dimension with a restless edge, ignited by the relentless propulsive energy of obsessive rumbling bassline oscillations along with steady hard-hitting kick snares, whilst buzzing and haunting synth flows, swelled by shivering alienating resonances, meander with searing, dizzying, and mercurial urgency atop distorted, surreal vocals, dropping romantic confessions into a chaotic vortex of dark, lovelorn dreams.

A debut single that seems to sound like, wanted or not, it was recorded on the cheap, but nevertheless manages to be sonically powerful and gripping with an occult Latin American flair.

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