WL//WH Track Of The Day: PREDZNANIE “Меня Никто Не Ждёт / Nobody Is Waiting For Me”

Track Of The Day Predznanie

As usual, Krzysztof’s YouTube Channel of The Eastern European Synth & Post-Punk Community‘s Facebook page is a mine of information almost in real-time.

Predznanie is another resounding and cold wintry breath drenched in deadly dread and boundless melancholy of intensely emotional classic contemporary Russian post-punk.

A brand new duo, split between Bryansk and Moscow, made of Roman Elozin and Vova Antonov,  the latter also part of Vrazek and культодиночестваwith, just recently out with a jointly split EP, with their debut single “Меня Никто Не Ждёт / Nobody Is Waiting For Me”, a gripping dense brew of aching passion, excruciating pain and mesmerizing dark melodic flair, poignant and heartfelt, while undoubtedly familiar in its 80s echoes.

Menacing wandering bassline judders and throbs propelled by pounding off-tempo drum beats, punctuated by a piercing mesh of dazzling guitar chimes that glisten and ricochet into the inebriated fuzziness, shaking the self-destructive gloomy abyss of isolation and loneliness, which engulfs desperate, hollow male vocal’s painful release of intense fear shifting into layered shouts of anger, falling hopelessly unto the vast deafness of a toxic wasteland.

Other three songs are ready to be dropped sometime soon, keep your ear close to the ground.

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