WL//WH Track Of The Day: POLYCYTHEMIA ‘Больничные койки/Hospital beds’

Track Of The Day  Polycythemia

Once again we know very little about Polycythemia, a mysterious Russian post-punk band, just disclosed as a duo, straight from the cold Ural mountains, we can only appreciate their 4-track debut EP, laconically entitled “#1”

Blending elements of goth post-punk of the 80s, reminiscent of The Cure, Clan Of Xymox, and French coldwave, the band create, with a distinctive use of dazzling hypnotic synths, throbbing dense basslines, high pitched, glistening searing guitars and sturdy rhythms over achingly melancholic voice, an infectious melodic modern dark sound of frozen, sombre intensity and brooding stern beauty to great effect.

In ‘Больничные койки/Hospital beds’, along the closing track ‘Bad dreams’ my favorite one, repetitive sparse beats and profound and sorrowful guitar riffs are pierced by sparkling gut-wrenching twisting reverbed-out guitar melodies and spacious icy bright winding synth flows that wax and wane loaded by dense bleak bass pulsations injecting a dramatic ineluctable sense of melancholy and pain embodied by the intoxicating magnetic tone of the plaintive vocals drowned in devastation, desolation and utter fascination into a first breath of life.

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