WL//WH Track Of The Day: POLSEGUERA “Optimisme”

Track Of The Day  POLSEGUERA  

Two years after their first LP, “Vida grisa”, Barcelona based duo Tomeu Mulet and Biel Riera, AKA Polseguera keep on delving into uncomfortable feelings through a distinctive blend of 80s post-punk and 90s shoegaze often bordering on hypnotic noise leanings and lysergic swoons, constantly succeeding in being mesmerising and obscure, enshrouding everything in atmospheric poignant layers of emotional tension and lonely sadness, built on a combination of sparkling reverberations, abrasive wall of sound, glows forsaken synth chilliness, rhythmic repetitions, and haunted vocalizations, balanced between past and present in a consistently cohesive and alluring way.

Metaphorical lyrics in the Catalan language depict an open road horizon weighed down by burdens of the past.

Menacing hard-hitting double snare hits trigger and sparsely cut a hypnotic and reiterated bleak carpet of tight tribal rhythmic loops, on which slowly unfurl, like painful relentless wounds, obsessively cadenced droning sheets of reverberated guitar distortion, surrounded by agonising wraiths of restrained piercing feedback atop introverted, dismal ceremonial vocals, releasing dark, dreadful monochromatic breaths of detached doom, whilst blazing airy synths surge and swirl dramatically on the brink of the murky chasm.

Polseguera‘s sophomore full-length album, “Ermàs”, is going to be released on Cassette & Digital, on March 11, 2022, through Barcelona‘s independent label Ediciones Populares together with So-fi and The Indian Runners.

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Recording of the album by Biel Riera