WL//WH Track Of The Day: POLICE DES MOEURS “Commencement”


Police Des Moeurs, the longstanding Canadian idiosyncratic Minimal Synth Wave act from Montreal, formed in 2010, whose self-titled debut album dates back to 2013, are going to release, a few months after last September’s EP “Sauvetage”, their fifth 10-track studio LP, “Commencement”.

The dynamic Québécois duo made of Francis Dugas and Manuelle Gauthier have constantly developed and tweaked a heady dystopic combination of unpredictable, jittery and compulsive rhythms, a swirling array of erratic synths, as alienating and abrasive as they are seductive and compelling, corroborated by an expressive and magnetic vocal delivery.

The title track and first foretaste, Commencement”, observes people and the system in which they live as a hopeless power oppression and awaits the morning after the last human, and therefore the last sorrow ends.

Commencement” rolls relentlessly over a cracking hypnotizing rush of thudding and crisp, knocking rhythm patterns tightly wound with droning bouncing basslines, stabbed by eerie glaring sharp-edged synth riffs, dissonant FXs and spooky chiming chords, echoing atop bewitching ritual vocals of cold spoken words, seductive chants, and soft moaning cries to elicit stark dread.

Police Des Moeurs‘ upcoming fifth studio album is slated for release, in ltd. Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, on February 5, 2024.

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