WL//WH Track Of The Day : Plenērs “Plūdi”

Track Of The Day

I musically know Latvia mainly for the excellent synthpop duo called Hipstokrātija, now it’s time to highlight a brilliant new wave / post-punk 3-piece from Riga that are about to release their debut album after a promising string of singles.

“Plūdi” is a propulsive slice of bass driven post punk, gloomy, hypnotic, and restless, as cerebral as it intuitive, as intense as it is infectious, somehow facing the light and suddenly escaping it, the electronic elements are perfectly balanced with the pulsing bass and the electrifying haze of razor-sharp guitars, topped with echoing detached vocals, creating a vibrant combination of energy and melancholy , warmth and coldness at the same time… definitely a band to keep an eye on! 

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